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Qualifications for Hays Drive A Senior Volunteer Driver

Do you have flexible schedule? Do you have a car in good condition? Do you have four hours a month to improve the quality of life to a senior citizen in need? If the answer is YES to these questions, then Hays Drive a Senior is looking for you.

Volunteer driving for Hays Drive is simple and easy! There is no minimum weekly commitment. Drivers plan trips when they are available and only the request that fits your schedule.

We depend on volunteer drivers, therefore our capacity to drive seniors is limited to how many volunteers we have. Our drivers include retirees, churches, civic groups, the self-employed, stay-at-home parents and anyone with a bit of time to help a senior neighbor. Click the link button to open the application.

Volunteers provide door-to-door rides to medical appointments. A typical round trip is 2.5 hours; one way ride are approximately 1.5 hours depending our your home location.

Clerical help is also needed to answer phones, answer questions about our service and where we go, input clients ride request into our Ridescheduler site, and in-home client interviews for new clients.